Tuesday, March 21, 2006

review of: snosaj's lame excuse for not reviewing anything.

So, there's this guy. he's part fish, part boy. and he's supposed to review things on this blog as well as the other 3 of us. It ain't called Triliteral, you know. It ain't called Doom Coast to Coast, either. ok, I"m off track. so, the fishboy says the reason he hasn't added anyhting to this page is because he wants his reviews to be good. and he wants to have enough time to make it good. does anyone out there care?? really? this is the worst review ever. I'm essentially reviewing someone not reviewing anything. man, I"m no better tha glen shaeffer reviewing those oscar speeches!! oh wait... I"m way better. While I'm off track, maybe I should mention how awesome I am. or maybe I'll jsut go hit fishboy with a stick until he does something.


At 9:37 PM, Blogger metamator said...

I agree, where is this "good" review? All that's gonna happen is that we will wait all this time for this review that can't live up to its sexpectations/hype.

I give his excuse 2 thumbs down, way down, nope lower, there you go!


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