Wednesday, June 23, 2010

modnation racers, still loading.

Still enjoying modnation quite a bit, the online play is great and tho its not perfect, whats good is real good..

I have one suggestion for UFG, please do something about the loading screen.. this is the only game that you need, a laptop, ds or something to occupy your time while its loading. (redonkulous!)

Back in the PS1 days I remember Namco put Galaga into the loading screen for Ridge Racer.. this was a great idea.

Please put some kind of interactive something in the loading screen. pong, super sprint, pac man, something-anything that will make me not want to throw my gamepad at the screen and then make me smash said pad into my face.

maybe randomize it since we have to see the loading screen so often.

I assure you fans of your game will appreciate the gesture, we know trimming down load times to something acceptable may not be around the corner.

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