Wednesday, February 07, 2007

xbox 360 drive repair - unplayable disc

This is NOT a review.. more a testament to my mad skillz

File this under "Unplayable Disc" or "this disc is unreadable" or "xbox is making terrible grinding noise and crapping in my eye". A little bird I know has an Xbox360 and started getting unreadable errors and then started getting unhappy grinding noises from the system. I opened up his 360, and took apart the dvd drive, there I noticed a magnet that sits on top of the spindle assembly was loose and was in fact stuck to the lid of the drive. (in top right area of photo)

You have to glue the magnet back to the spindle, shiny side up, use just a little bit of glue since too much glue will cause an unwanted space and not hold the disc securely (I used an epoxy). We put it back together and voila, no grinding and no more bad reads. Just make sure you hold the magnet in place until the glue is dry and if the magnet sticks out higher than the plastic of the spindle assembly, you're using too much glue dude.

I would usually slag M$ but really, I feel bad for them.. hitachi were the bitches who didnt put the magnet in securely.

oh and dont touch the drive while the disk is spinning, dont tilt it, dont lift it.. just dont touch it.



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Keep up the good work.


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