Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tekken on devhook and Mario 3on3 for the DS

Here at quadraliteral, we do not promote the use of modification devices for the purposed of being an asshole, getting info on modding your consoles is not hard, I will take this moment to remind you that Jesus saves, so there you have it, If ever you ask yourself WWJD, he would prbably save that game to some kinda flash memory. Like Jesus I also like to experiment with testing devices such as the M3apadter and softmods such as devhook (device hook). The last 2 games I was able to test were Mario Basket 3on3 and Tekken on the PSP.

Lets start with tekken, so far this one of the nicer looking games I have seem on the PSP, the gameplay is tight and responsive and for those of you itching for a good button mashing game on your psp this is it. I got it working by grabbing the latest devhook release (45 as of the time of this article). you'll have to track down the FW versions or if you look in the right places you'll probably find full devhook versions with the FW schnizel all included ready to cut and paste. just chuck that shit on your memory stick and throw the game in to the "ISO" folder on the root of your stick and your ready to get your crotch rocked.

Mario Basket 3on3 is a creative take on 3on3 basketball where you control the movement of your character with the d-pad and all other aspects are controlled with the stylus and touch screen.. sounds stupid, but its actually very easy to play and quite fun. If you are familiar with nintendo sports titles you know that its fun over technical aspects and this is no exception.. the point system works by counting the amount of shit you can accumalate before scoring or losing possession. If you are running on the M3 Adapter, you need to download the latest version of the manager (22e), trim rom ok, no software reset and no 4xread.

I'll give both these games 4/5 fingers on the hand of Ike scale.


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