Tuesday, May 16, 2006

just friends review

on the weekend, I watched the movie "Just Friends". now, before you go thinking that this is just another fat-suit movie... well.. ok. keep thinking that. that's exactly what it is. not really much of a fat suit, either. more like a fat mask, and a couple pillows under the clothes. ryan reynolds did a fine performance, but really there wasn't much to this movie. there's only 2 things I have to say aobut it. 1) in many romantic comedies, there's a time when the couple (that you know will end up together since it is a movie, afterall) looks like they're not going to be together, and they part ways. This is bound to happen in this sort of movie, but unbelievably, in this movie, they do it about 4 times. yeah. 4 times. the guy totally gives up on her and leaves before returning again and again. and the final time, he actually leaves town, then just decides to fly back. iyiy. the second thing I wanted to say is that ryan's character was fat in high school. fat and tall. the ryan I remember from high school (in his 8th year, anyway) was small and skinny. I shall share this photo from the high school annual. enjoy.


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