Friday, April 14, 2006

the best way to count to twelve

Saturday, April 08, 2006

digimate dlg32

I recently tried out a Digimate 32" LCD TV. I don't really know much about all these fancy new tvs, but i'll tell ya what I liked and hated about it. first off, here's the deets on the tv:

32 inch, LCD, HDTV 720, Native Resolution 1365 x 768, Brightness 500 cd/m2, Contrast Ratio 800:1, Component Video Input, S-Video Inputs, 1 A/V Inputs

All I had to plug into this thing was my xbox360. and now I know why people like that console. because YOU NEED AN HD TV to make it good. I never really thought it was much better than the PS2, but that's because I didn't have HD before. wow. but I'm not reviewing the 360, I'm here for the tv. and it was pretty great. for the price of $1099, it was well worth it. my only complaint was that the audio was kinda weird. it sounded good, but there was no 'quiet' range. meaning: 0 was silent, 1 was very quiet, and 2-30 was loud. I didn't go much louder than that. but if you like to watch tv quietly sometimes, this is not the tv for you. then again, maybe it was the xbox causing the sound to behave like that?

Here's what all the inputs look like:
sorry about the photo:(

overall, this tv worked for me. it had one dead pixel, but otherwise a nice bright screen. but I'm thinking, maybe in a few months, I'll be able to get a 37" for this price?