Friday, May 28, 2010

modnation racers for PS3

I love you modnation racers, I love me a good kart racing game and this is on its way to be a top contender.

Pillow talk aside, here are the things UFG need to fix asap.

1. Holy loadnation losers, players sure feel like crap waiting at loading screens, man I miss cartridges right about now.

2. I had this problem and looked on the forums and it seems common. quit out of a waiting room and you cant connect to modspot when you get out of it.. (work around, go into custom corner then exit, seems to work for me, and PSN is on the whole time)
3. lots of people, but where are all the races?
4. I can't seem to find a way to switch or choose which modspot server I can go to.
5. Not me but many others seem to get disconnected or cannot even connect (advise, make sure your PSN is working in general before you take on this beast, there's a lot of ports that need opening)

I'm sure there's more. but now the good, the gameplay I have been playing, kicks ass, clean online play with quite a few racers. I like the XP system and the creations made by the nation (tracks, characters and karts) are nothing short of hella dope! (I even got a great looking space ghost, gundam. pretty much any cool character you can think of is there including Mario in HD!) Oh,

One more gripe.

the AI is too damn good, or that one AI racer you need to take out is somehow half a lap ahead of the rest of the pack. Im sure I'll get there with invested hours, but now because of UFG's "AI/Default difficulty" choice, my child is forced to listen to a series of cuss words from his dad most evenings. thanks for that.

the costumes and custom cars (some for sale or promo) are nice and all but with the level of quality the players are making, who would pay for such a thing? then again I waste money all manner of crap. oh logitech wilife, and countless action figures, why did I buy you?

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