Thursday, June 01, 2006

Canada's Next Top Piece o Crap show!!!!!

I have a problem with Canada's Next Top Model... it sucks!!!! really. it's horrible. it's stupid, the judges are stupid, the contestants are stupid, whoever put the show together is stupid, and even Toronto-born ANTM star, Jay Manuel, is stupid for agreeing to do this show. and I think he's great on ANTM. but he should have put his Canadian pride aside this time and said "no" to them.

so, why was this show so bad? why did it not hold a candle to America's Next Top Model? so many reasons:

1) the models are lame.
--->this is the best models they could find in Canada??? are you serious?? if you want to see Canada's real top models... uh, check out any canadian modeling agency. here's just one for example: Jett Models. oh look, they actually look like models. I have worked with more model-like models in my photography classes at Langara. bah.

2) the photoshoot was stupid.
--->the photoshoot in episode 1 (the only episode I'll ever see.) was supposed to be some "rock star" type photoshoot. if you saw the show, you probably wonder also where the rockstar part was?

3)the judges are boring.
--->yes they are.

4)the production quality is low and uninteresting. and what they choose to show on the show is lame:
--->during the judging, one of the judges spoke very seriously to one of the models about how she pranced around topless for most of the day during the photoshoot. and how it was disrespectful to do such a thing, and could she please refrain from doing that in the future. whaaa?? let's imagine this happened on ANTM... they would have spent a lot more time on this, and the judges would have dissed the girl, bigtime. they would have shown clips of the other models bitching about this behaviour. it would have shocked and appalled us. it woulda been awesome. but no. not on CNTM. they made it boring and polite. bah.

so, overall I rate this show .01/&&&&&. if you have a TV, and it's on, save yourself the pain and watch something else. and for the record, the acronym CNTM was already taken a year ago by Chicago's Next Top Model.



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for anyone who missed it you can watch it on YOUTUBE!


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